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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

Lexi and Alex

Age: 5-7

Portrait and profile provided by NWAE.

Alexandria (Lexi) and Alexander (Alex or Zander as he is sometimes affectionately called) are two active, delightful, but spirited siblings who missed out on the important early developmental care and nurturing they needed. They both have luminous brown hair with sparkling blue eyes and contagious laughter. They love the outdoors, are healthy eaters, great road-trip travelers, and are eager to learn.

Lexi is a bright and charming first grader who likes school and is doing well in her classes. She is active and likes playing games like tag with her friends, loves to be read to (and to read), and is especially excited about learning to use her school's new iPads. She often finishes tasks and assignments early and is easily bored and needs help from teachers and caregivers to stay focused and productively engaged in positive tasks. Lexi needs stability, structure and strong boundaries in her life to achieve her full potential. At home Lexi loves to dress up and enjoys feeling pretty. She loves princesses, anything pink or purple, fingernail polish, and soft "girly" things. She likes activities with friends and family like gardening (fruits and vegetables), playing on the swing, bicycling, or helping to cook in the kitchen. She prefers activities with another person to playing alone.

Alex is a rambunctious preschooler, and big for his age. He loves playing, alone or with others, with his trucks, Legos, Playdough sticks, dirt, and race cars. He loves sports and is already an enthusiastic Ducks fan. Alex considers every stranger a new friend and is learning to differentiate between the two with guidance from his caregivers. Alex makes friends quickly. He loves to please people, likes to cuddle and really wants to be loved. He loves going to preschool and the library and is eager to begin to read. Alex will also need stable structure and help learning boundaries that will keep him safe.

These children have been working hard to overcome their challenges with the help of a supportive and loving foster family. They need a home that is active and stable, free from arguing and yelling, and a family that will love them unconditionally and protect them. They need to know they can trust their new parents to be open, honest, and loving, while setting strong boundaries and guidelines. Adoptive parents will need patience and perseverance to continue to help these children deal with the trauma of neglect. It will likely take awhile for both Lexi and Alex to form genuine, true, reliable attachments to their new family.

This pair needs activities that keep them challenged! Lexi is in the first grade and on track. Lexi does take some medication that assists her with her behaviors. She really enjoys school and learning to work on the computers. Alex is in pre-school and really wants to learn to read. He is learning social skills and appropriate play. He is a very active child that needs many outlets to help with his energy level.

The children do have important birth family connections, and foster family connections, that they will need to continue and maintain after they are adopted. Lexi and Alex are legally free for adoption.

Currently both children are supported by many community resources including weekly counseling with a therapist, teachers, CASA, caseworker, psychiatrist, and other mentors. Most importantly, they've had a foster family whose love and support have brought them a long way. Now Lexi and Alex need the security of a permanent and forever family.

Lexi and Alex need a family who offers trust, openness, honesty, and loving environment, while setting strong boundaries and guidelines. A family will need to stay absolutely and fully committed to loving and being there for these children through all of the ups and downs.

To find out more about Lexie & Alex, foster care or adoption, email the Idaho CareLine (please include your city and zip code) or call 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. Lexie & Alex are available for adoption through the State of Oregon.

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