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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

Alex and Andy

Age: 3-10

Portrait and profile provided by NWAE.

Alex and Andy are two sweet little boys with striking blue eyes and charming smiles. They are looking for a family to show them a loving, stable home where they can grow and thrive. They need a committed family who can understand them individually and be patient and consistent with them.

Alex loves to build with Legos! He enjoys creating with them in his free time, or just to have some personal space to himself. He also enjoys Pokemon characters and the trading cards. He has not discovered any sports that he feels drawn to yet, but he does enjoy being outside. Alex is happy to play individually, but will seek out company if he wants someone to build Lego creations with. Alex really enjoyed attending a Royal Family Kids Camp, and has also enjoyed fishing with his mentor. He has fun on visits to the beach, and gets festive at parades. He does not, on the other hand, like to run errands or go to the store - as he puts it, "boring!"

Alex is a healthy young boy, who is up to date on his appointments. He is a good eater, but discloses that he has just gotten used to eating vegetables. Alex takes his time in getting to know new people in his life. He sometimes struggles with attending to tasks at hand, but is now receiving support which is helping greatly. He is doing much better at making friends at school, is considerate of other children and knows how he should treat them. Alex attends counseling to help him with social skills and in dealing with his past. He will likely need to continue counseling to help him adjust to his forever family and grieve the losses he has endured.

Little brother Andy loves to play with toys, and happily shares them. Trucks and cars are favorites! Andy also loves the magical, soothing effect of bubbles and bubble baths. They are a good tool for helping him feel better when things go wrong. Andy also loves a good bedtime story from a loving caregiver. Like his older brother, Andy is a good eater. Andy has great difficulty with sleep, including regular night terrors. An adoptive family will need to be prepared to help him grow through this phase with structure and support.

Andy has a condition with his eyes, which requires eye check-ups; he has already had two surgeries to correct his vision. It is possible he may need a third one. He sports his glasses well, but will likely need them for some time. Since he is so young the glasses often go missing on him, but the strap on his glasses helps with this a lot. Andy enjoys social interaction once he has decided to trust an adult, but needs a great deal of time to approach them, and it must be on his terms.

Alex is a little behind in school in regards to reading and somewhat in writing - they are not his favorite subjects. Alex loves math, but loves recess even better! He would greatly benefit from a family who likes to help children with their homework and who will create a nurturing environment for him to work on his studies. He is well liked by his teachers at school, and is very polite and respectful to his current teacher. He enjoys being a helper both in school and at home.

Andy is behind developmentally, and in addition struggles with tactile sensations and changes in surface and touch. It is possible that due to his inability to see for much of his life he has struggled to understand the world around him. He will need patience and someone who is willing to help him learn how to manipulate objects and be patient with him while he learns to communicate his needs. Will you be the person to encourage him to use his words and foster his language development? Will you understand how frustrating it can be to know what you want, but be unable to communicate it well? Andy receives services from a developmental agency to help him with his skills in a classroom for younger children. He would benefit from this ongoing support.

These brothers are very close and bonded to each other. Andy tends to seek Alex out and will want to play with him, although sometimes Alex does not always want his younger brother around. Alex is very patient with Andy, especially considering his age. Alex and Andy are hoping to find a family who is willing to adopt them together as they are the most stable part of each other's lives.

There are important members of these boys' birth family who are interested in keeping in touch after adoption occurs. Prospective adoptive family members should consider their willingness and ability to foster a relationship with these relatives as Alex and Andy grow and show interest. In addition, Alex and Andy have a younger female sibling who will possibly need permanent placement in the future. An adoptive family who is able to also care for this family member, should it become the approved plan, would be the best fit for these brothers. Alex and Andy are legally free to be adopted.

Alex will sometimes get upset as he has had many challenges to face in his young childhood. He will need to withdraw and can soothe himself if given a calm environment. Images of violence (like those on TV or movies) are upsetting to Alex and his exposure to these stimuli should be monitored and limited. Alex needs time to adjust to people and will require someone who is understanding and patient with him. Alex and Andy have had a challenging childhood and their basic needs were not always met. They did not always have adults available for them and therefore, they are slow to warm up and attach to new people.

Andy has a few appointments throughout the week and will need a provider who can facilitate his schedule so that he can continue to progress. He will need to continue to be encouraged to use his words and stimulate his language development. Andy can understandably get upset when he cannot communicate with others.

The services the boys are participating in are beneficial. Andy and Alex both benefit from counseling and will need to continue to do so as they go through the adoption process. Andy does need some help with his development and participates in classrooms and therapies to help him progress in this manner.

Alex and Andy are looking for a family who will be committed to them, understand them individually, and be willing to be the strong, patient, stable person that has been missing from their lives. They will need someone who can be realistic about their schedule and be supportive of their needs. Physical touch, at this time, is hard for the boys. It would be beneficial for Alex and Andy's forever family to understand trauma and its impact on children, as well as how to help children with attention struggles. Additionally, it is possible they will want to open their arms and share this new wonderful family with their younger sister when and if she is able to join them.

To find out more about Natalie, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine (Please include your zip code and city.) or call 1-800-926-2588. Alex and Andy are available for adoption through the State of Oregon.

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