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Jollie Bullock house at 537 Johnson Ave. is the answer for Week 449 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: Built in 1902

Tuesday: Part of the Orofino Historic District

Wednesday: The property doesn't look the same now.

Thursday: The original design had shiplap siding and a hipped roof.

Friday: The owner was a member of the fire department.

Saturday: The owner of the residence was involved in politics.

Monday: It was sold in 1919 to a man who raised sheep.

Tuesday: Its original owner got sore feet at a dance in Kamiah because he made the mistake of wearing new shoes.

Wednesday: He also played baseball with an Orofino team.

Thursday: In 1915, he was building a new cigar store downtown.

Saturday: He drove a Dodge.

This is the Jollie Bullock home at 537 Johnson as it looked in 1982 when the Orofino Historic District was designated. The home at that address looks much different now. (Photo courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

Jollie G. Bullock's home at 537 Johnson Ave. is part of the Orofino Historic District placed on the National Register of Historic Place in 1982. The one-story frame house was built in 1902 with shiplap siding, a hipped roof and Queen Anne style windows. In 1982, the owner was Ted Harroun.

Bullock was very involved in the community socially and politically, according to information from olde news articles. He was a member of the fire department, played baseball on the Orofino team was active in the county's Republican Central Committee. He must have like to dance because one article noted how he regretted wearing new shoes to a dance.

Bullock sold the home to a Mr. Wiggleworth, Jr., a sheep man in 1919. He was planning to open a grocery store in a short time in his brick building on Johnson Ave.

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